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Times of Togetherness

One particularly significant point in our lives is graduating high school. Usually, the next step is joining the army, or moving on towards a higher education. During this unique junction, Moose offers a process for both the adolescent and the parent. It is a unique and deep journey. It is a rite of passage for two people, one who must allow a special treasure to be freed and the other who must spread its wings and fly freely for the first time

Together we will cross the threshold in a process that includes discovering strengths, recognizing mutual support systems, handling fears, and increasing security and resilience throughout the process 

The process will consist of four sessions and a ten-day trip abroad. The sessions will be held partly indoors while some will be held at sites with hands-on activities. The process will continue over two months. Please keep in mind that while one of the sessions will be over a weekend, the rest will be day sessions

The truth is that we are still not free. In fact, we have only achieved the freedom to be free

Nelson Mandela