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Times of Intimacy

One of the most sensitive points for many of us, one which defines our self-esteem, is the ability to create a relationship that works. Experiencing a marital failure has the potential to become a wound that that influences our self-expression, joys in life and security in our most basic interpersonal relationships. Moose –Times of Intimacy was created for those of you who believe that creating a relationship is a focal point of your life. This is a delicate and personal process during which we will address layers of fear and insularity in order to open the door to that secure place existing in each of us. From that place, only the sky is the limit

The process will consist of five sessions and a ten-day trip abroad. The sessions will be held partly indoors and partly at sites with hands-on activities. The process will continue over two months. Please keep in mind that one of the sessions is over a weekend, while the rest are day-long sessions

I discovered the paradox that when I allow myself to love until it hurts, what appears then is not more pain – but more love

Mother Theresa