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Moose Adventure Therapy

When was the last time that you truly listened to yourself?

From the moment we are born and until the last time that we close our eyes, we experience one big series of transitions; endings and beginnings intertwined with each other, which ultimately become the story of our lives.

We live at a pace that does not allow room for movement; we expect answers here and now.

We cannot say goodbye – not to painful events, not to jobs that we aren’t suited for, not to our children growing up and not to our parents.

It is difficult for us to create intimacy in relationships – in our fast-paced lives we exist in a continuous experience in which we try to protect our territory. Often, friends turn into enemies. 

Moose is an invitation to a different journey. 

Moose invites you to pause at the crossroads for a moment and depart to remarkable places. With processes learned from the worlds of psychodrama, psychotherapy, ontological training, Shamanism, and adventure treatment you will have the opportunity to examine the forces that drive you, listen to what’s inside, create clarity, find your inner motivation and create a valuable experience for yourself, all of which can form the basis for meaningful change.

Come and enjoy – feel excitement, pain, joy and love, and most importantly, truly listen to yourself.

Visit us and enjoy, be moved, feel pain, joy and love, and, above all, truly listen to yourself.