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אודות יוליה


My name is Gili BenMoshe and Moose is the realization of a dream and an exciting phase in my personal and professional development.

I am 50 years old and live in Hadera. I am married to Julia have 3 children, Gaia (19), Yali (17) and Lavi (13.5). My family is my biggest source of inspiration. 

My professional training includes a Senior Training Certificate (MCIL) from the Israel Life Coach Association, graduation from the Wilderness Adventure Therapy program from the Wingate Institute and many additional training and guidance programs in the fields of psychodrama, psychotherapy, personal development, training of coaches, business training and more. 

I have many years of experience in guidance, training, training of coaches and mentors, facilitation in the business and intercultural fields. 

Beyond all the fancy words, I’m a “people person”, self-taught, lover of people and big believer in the human spirit. I believe that everyone and everything carries a story and the main question is how to harness the story to an environment of success. I am a great believer in each of our abilities and personal ways of coping as a source of inspiration and giving strength to others. 

My unique story can be found at 

My personal motto: 

“You shall know, that each and every shepherdHas his own unique tune

You shall know, that each and every blade of grass

Has its own unique song

And from the song of the grass 

We will make a tune of the heart

(Rabbi Nachman of Breslov)